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Known as The Spice Isle for its abundance of locally produced cloves, cinnamon, cocoa and nutmeg, Grenada is something of a tropical paradise. The vegetation is lush and green, and its volcanic origins produced an island of magnificent topography, with mountainous rain forests, springs, streams and waterfalls. The coast is dotted with bays, and beaches, some white sand and some volcanic, and provides opportunities for swimming, sailing, diving and whale watching.


The population of around 110,000 and comprises some the world’s friendliest people. The island has a very low crime rate, and while tourism thrives here, it doesn’t dominate. There are numerous good restaurants, especially in the south, specialising in everything from Sushi to Jerk Chicken, with local fish and lobster a feature of most menus. The capital of St George’s is easily one of the most picturesque ports in the Caribbean, a natural harbour teeming with life and local colour. If you’re looking to take a relaxing holiday in the real Caribbean, then Grenada is definitely the place for you.

Next door to Madame Jardin...

Next door to the house, and situated right on the beach, is The Aquarium bar and restaurant.

Madame Jardin from the Sea

The Aquarium

This is one of the best restaurants on the island, serving fresh fish, lobster and a selection of meats. It’s a friendly and relaxed place, informal for lunch and a little more elegant for dinner (though there is no dress code). The Aquarium is open Tuesday through to Sunday – when they do an excellent all day BBQ with a live reggae band.


Although local taxis are plentiful and easy, Car hire is recommended as the shops and supermarkets of Grande Anse are about a ten-minute drive away. Plus since island has stunning scenery it’s well worth touring. DABS Car Rental, a reliable and established car rental agency, gives good rates to customers of Madame Jardin, and will either meet you at the airport or bring your car to the house, where all paperwork can be done.